Who are the Pembroke Law students?

There is no such thing as a typical law student at Pembroke. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and have various different nationalities, interests and experiences, so we have a diverse and interesting community. The two things which do unite all Pembroke lawyers are a commitment to studying law and to achieving academic excellence.

Pembroke College admits both undergraduate and graduate students.

Every year the College admits about six undergraduate students to read Jurisprudence (Law). These may be students studying the standard three year BA course, but we also strongly encourage applications for Course 2 (Law with Law Studies in Europe) and within the six undergraduate places there is no set allocation of places between course 1 and course 2. We always ask applicants for course 2 at interview whether they would be happy to be considered for course 1 if a place on course 2 is not available. For more information about undergraduate courses 1 and 2 see the Faculty’s ebrochure

We also accept applicants for the two year Senior Status Law Course (also known as the second BA course), which is open to those who already have a non-law degree. At interview we ask applicants for this course whether they would be happy to be considered for either the two year or the standard three year course. Those who are accepted for the two year Senior Status course will have a choice between the six and seven term options, but please note that we cannot guarantee College accommodation in the first term when the seven course option is selected.  For further details of the Senior Status law course and the options available, see the Faculty’s website.

The College also admits several graduate law students each year. Graduate students enrol into the one year taught BCL/MJur programme, the Masters in Law and Finance or the various research programmes. All in all the College is home to law students from all sorts of backgrounds who together create a vibrant, and enriching community.