Lucy Marlow

What did you do before coming to Pembroke?

I studied Biology, Psychology, Spanish and Maths to A2 and Further Maths to AS.

What degree are you currently doing, and what stage are you at in your degree?

I’ve just finished my first year studying Experimental Psychology. I took my prelim exams at the end of Hilary term and for the past term have been studying for Part 1.

What is the biggest/most important thing that you have learned during your time at Pembroke?

This year at Pembroke has taught me what I can do in the time I have. At school I always had plenty of time to complete my work which meant I could do it again and again until it was absolutely perfect. Having a greater and more challenging workload at university has made me realise that everything I do doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect; I just have to work efficiently to get the best work done I can in the time I have!

What would you like to do when you finish your degree? Or, if you already have something in place, please describe it!

Currently I don’t know exactly what I’d like to do after my degree but this summer I’m undertaking a studentship with Hannah in the Perception Lab looking at intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells and their influence on brightness perception.

What has been the highlight of your time at Pembroke / Oxford?

It’s difficult to just have one highlight from my first year. All the people I’ve met at Pembroke have been so friendly and interesting that many of the events in college have been highlights. Just last term we enjoyed our May Ball at college, we watched our rowers in Summer Eights and we had a Pimm’s party on the lawn.

Was there anything that surprised you about Pembroke / Oxford in your first year here?

I always expected college to be a friendly and inclusive place but my experience of Pembroke has been beyond expectation. Every week the Pembroke Psychologists get together for lunch and there is always a friendly face around college.

Any advice for prospective students?

Read around your subject; if there’s something you find interesting find out more about it. Even if you don’t use that information in your application it’s always a confidence boost to know you’ve learnt something different or new.