Academic Subjects


  • Visiting Students are welcomed in all the degree subjects that are available within Pembroke. There are, however, differences from what you will experience at your home university, most particularly in the extent to which you specialise and study courses in depth.

  • Visiting Students all enjoy the genuine Oxford undergraduate experience of devoting their academic studies to one degree course. Some of these degree courses combine more than one subject area (such as PPE - Philosophy, Politics and Economics).

  • Visiting Students will notice that studying in Oxford does not offer the same flexibility in selecting courses from across any range of academic courses as in the US. While this may seem to have disadvantages, in also offers tremendous opportunities.

  • These include enabling our extremely impressive group of Visiting Students to study subjects in much greater depth, to explore ideas intensively, and often providing a strong foundation for an Honor's Thesis. If you thrive on intellectual stimulation, particularly in your favourite subjects, then you are likely to find the Oxford system thoroughly fulfilling.


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  • If you are interested in knowing what particular 'papers' (individual topics) can be studied in any of these degree courses, further information can be found on the University departmental websites or you may contact the Fellows listed in the course details page.

  • After you have been admitted as a Visiting Student to Pembroke, the particular choice of what 'paper' (or course) you can take is made in conjunction with the tutor appointed as your Director of Studies. As in the US, it may be necessary to take prerequisite courses prior to more advanced courses, and occasionally other constraints may operate.