Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics (PPL)

The joint honours PPL course allows students to follow a bipartite degree (Psychology/Philosophy or Psychology/Linguistics) or, subject to their college's approval, a tripartite degree (Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics).

It is highly recommended for candidates to have studied at least one science of Mathematics to A-Level or equivalent. For courses including Linguistics it is helpful for candidates to have studied English Language, Mathematics, a science or another language. Other than that, PPL students come from backgrounds in both the arts and the sciences. Offers of places are based on A*AA at A-Level or an equivalent qualification.

The selection process involves an interview at Pembroke as well as at a second college for shortlisted candidates, providing an opportunity to talk about the subject. Candidates are not expected to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of PPL. As in most colleges, however, they are likely to be asked to think about the experimental problems often encountered in psychology and other disciplines.

Dr James Read, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, will begin September 2018