Candidates applying to read Music need a sound musical background in historical and critical areas, harmony and counterpoint, aural training, performance and keyboard skills (some keyboard ability is required even if you are not a first-study pianist). 

Pembroke has a thriving musical society and attracts talented musicians from a wide range of academic disciplines. The Organ Scholars are responsible for the organisation and conduct of the musical side of the Chapel Services, which make use of a small choir, which they must also train and direct. For those who enjoy the challenge of running their own show, the system provides the maximum of encouragement with the minimum of supervision. The Senior Organ Scholar is also expected to act as an animator of other music in the College, and in his/her third year will be responsible for training the new first-year Organ Scholar to assist, deputise and eventually succeed him/her.

Pembroke usually admits two students a year to read Music and aims to have two Organ Scholars in residence at any one time. Although the Organ Scholars often read Music, this is not a requirement and candidates for this post wishing to read other subjects are encouraged to apply.

Students are admitted to read Music at Pembroke College from a wide range of schools and colleges, and with very different musical experiences; candidates need to be taking, or have taken, A-Level music (or a qualification of equal standing) and at least two other subjects (arts or sciences).  

Please visit the Music Faculty website for further information on applying.