Modern Languages

In the twenty-first century, communication is the name of the game.

By choosing to study languages at Pembroke, you place yourself in the first rank of an increasingly scarce human resource – the number of people who can speak one or more languages beyond their own. Languages graduates are amongst the most employable, along with those in other sought-after subjects like Medicine and Law.

But a language degree from Pembroke teaches far more than ‘just’ communication.  It brings with it the skills taught by other humanities degrees, along with the extra value-added of in-depth knowledge of two or more languages and their literatures, peoples and cultures.

For Admission we seek candidates with high potential and motivation for studying the course as well as proven track-record of achievement, and offer approximately ten places per year. We are vigorously pro-active on Access via our mentoring projects with the London Centre for Languages and Cultures and welcome candidates from all backgrounds.

Our students are widely engaged in student politics, campaigning, charity work, drama, journalism, music, sport, and much else besides. Life in College is vibrant, with active junior and middle common-rooms (undergraduate and graduate student unions), with lots of concerts, seminars, and lectures and other activities beyond those on your particular course. And from Pembroke you can range out across the university – there is literally no limit to what you can do.

Who knows where languages could take you?