Medicine: why choose Pembroke?

Like many prospective students, I didn't have any real idea of which college would be best suited to me. I came from a school with a relatively poor record of sending people to Oxbridge and frankly I couldn't work out my Christ Church from my Corpus Christi!

From an academic point of view, Pembroke's medical students are extraordinarily well looked after. Dr Jeremy Taylor, the main medical tutor at Pembroke, is a brilliant and very experienced tutor who organises a strong team of tutors from a wide-variety of medical science disciplines, many of whom are leading experts in their fields.

On average Pembroke students usually have two tutorials per week, which is an ideal number for allowing you to sufficiently prepare for them. These tutors provide amongst the best possible foundation across the university for Pembroke's students to fullfill their potential and feel very academically satisfied and valued.

Personally I genuinely look forward to tutorials and as nerdy as that sounds, it's testament to the way Pembroke's tutors have engaged me academically during my time here. Realistically doing medicine at Oxford is all about challenging and expanding your academic limits on a day-to-day basis. 

Dr Taylor is also director of pre-clinical studies for the entire medical school and so is in the best possible position to advise and guide you through your studies.

Doing medicine at Pembroke is also about a lot more than just the work. Our medical community is very strong. For example there is an annual formal dinner for the entire medical community (tutors and all!) where guest speakers from a wide-range of medical backgrounds are invited. There are also regular "informal" dinners amongst the students so that everyone from 1st year right up to 6th year gets to know each other and pass on invaluable nuggets of wisdom.

Other benefits include college allocating prize money for an essay competition between their students and the strong medical legacy left by college associates such as Sir Roger Bannister, who was Master for a period.

As a medical student, you also join the wider college community. This is where I feel Pembroke stands head and shoulders above other colleges. The choir are very strong, the JCR very active, we have a world-class art gallery, the college has just built a brand new quad and buildings, we're one of the best rowing colleges....the list goes on. It's a very exciting time to be a part of Pembroke.

Studying medicine at Pembroke has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life because of the unique blend of academia and fun that the college provides. Though I can only express this so much in writing, I would implore you to apply here and experience the privilege of studying here for yourself!

- Cian Wade, undergraduate