How do I apply to study Law at Pembroke?

The tutors, in selecting candidates for Law, have no preferences with respect to A-level courses applicants may be taking, and they make no requirements of any knowledge about law. They do look for an interest in important social issues, a capacity for, and interest in, the accurate and analytical use of language, and the ability to think in a logical and structured manner.

However, by far the most important characteristics for Pembroke law students are a commitment to the subject and to the hard work it entails, combined with a determination to achieve the highest possible levels of academic excellence.

For more information on how to apply and the undergraduate admission process more generally, see the law admissions pages, the Law Faculty’s Admission FAQs, and the Law Faculty’s undergraduate  e-brochure 

For information on graduate admissions, please see the Faculty’s graduate admissions brochures

As the Law Faculty’s brochure says, if you have attained or are predicted to attain the minimum requirements and you don’t know whether you’re likely to get a place, you should apply! There’s no other way to find out, but if you don’t apply then you definitely won’t get in!