History & Economics

There are very few Colleges which routinely prioritise the admission of candidates for the joint History & Economics course - Pembroke is one. Here we admit 2 or 3 undergraduates each year, and thereby create a supportive cohort for those who join us.

Pembroke's academics are experienced in ensuring that those on the joint course have all the help they need to navigate the options and specialities available to them, and indeed many of our own tutors have research interests which span the two disciplines and therefore a real interest in encouraging students in their pursuit of overlapping areas.

Pembroke's senior Fellow in Economics is Dr Brian A'Hearn, an Economic Historian. He is a specialist in the long-run economic growth of Italy, with interests in institutions, human capital and education, technology, business cycles, banking, cities and regions, anthropometrics, living standards and inequality. Dr A'Hearn regularly tutors all undergraduates on Economics courses.

This joint course is particularly good at arming graduates with a strong set of skills spanning logic, analysis, historical interpretation and expression of ideas, leaving them with a very broad range of career options.