The English degree at Oxford is the broadest in the country. You will have the chance to study all periods of English Literature, from 650 AD to the present day, and can choose from a wide range of writers and approaches in line with your own interests. In the main there are no set texts: you will be guided by your tutors and can to an extent create your own pathway through each part of the course.

The Pembroke teaching team is led by our Tutorial Fellows, Professor Lynda Mugglestone (an expert in the history of the spoken language, and metalexicography, and the cultural, social and linguistic history of dictionaries) and Dr Ushashi Dasgupta (whose research interests include nineteenth-century fiction and the relationship between literature, space and architecture).

The Faculty of English website provides details of the joint school courses BA (Hons) English and Modern Languages and  BA (Hons) History and English.