Pembroke’s two Fellows in Engineering are actively engaged in advancing research. Specialist tutoring in Engineering is also provided by additional Lecturers who are employed by the College, meaning that all of the tuition is provided within the College, aside from specialised subjects later in the course.

Professor Nick Hawes is based in the Oxford Robotics Institute where he leads the GOALS research group carrying out research into AI and robotics, specifically learning and planning for long-term robot operation in dynamic environments. Professor Clive Siviour  is engaged in research that explores the behaviour of materials and structures when subjected to impact loading.

Prospective Engineers should have an enthusiasm for the subject and an appreciation of the nature of engineering problems and their solutions. We look for applicants who have creative ability, and who will ultimately contribute to and influence society.  The College normally admits six or seven candidates each year.

Please visit the Engineering pages on the University of Oxford's website for full details and information on the application process.

Course Details

The Engineering Science course at Oxford is designed to give a broad education in the basic physical and mathematical principles that form the foundations of all branches of engineering. However, during the third and fourth years of study there is increasing specialisation through the choice of optional courses and project work. Such specialisation can include topics from civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronic and information engineering. Graduates are awarded the degree of M.Eng at the end of the four year course.

All of the tuition is provided within the College except in specialised subjects in later years of the course. Lectures and laboratory work are conducted in the University Department in common with all other Oxford colleges. Undergraduates normally receive two one-hourly tutorials per week, in pairs. During the initial part of the course these are usually based on problem sheets provided by the Department, again in common with all other colleges.