Economics and Management

Pembroke has a strong involvement with Management Studies and was the first 'traditional' College in Oxford to appoint a Fellow in Management. The College now has two Management Fellows, Professor Owen Darbishire, a specialist in employment systems and work organisation, and Dr Eamonn Molloy, an expert in complex organisation design and the role of technology in professional and organisational change. Pembroke continues its close relationship with the Saïd Business School.

In Economics, Pembroke has an established and experienced teaching team, led by senior Fellow Dr Brian A'Hearn whose College-only status, which gives him the freedom to dedicate more time to tutorial provision and coordination, is an indication of the College's commitment to a strong provision for all undergraduates of this discipline. Economics at Pembroke is taught with a real-world emphasis, taking a critical approach to economic theory. 

Pembroke has the advantage of one of the largest cohorts of E&M students of any College (usually 8 each year), so there is always help at hand. The College has a friendly and supportive reputation; the E&M undergraduates work well together and support each other throughout their degree. 

Students are able to take advantage of extra-curricular opportunities; in 2015-16, Pembroke students were invited to submit an entry to the Tri-Innovate Business Plan competition, run in conjunction with Hertford and Wolfson Colleges.

E&M students at Pembroke are an international group, and go on to a wide range of careers around the world, from business start-ups to consultancy.