The Biochemists of Pembroke

The Biochemists of Pembroke are a vibrant and welcoming group of people who share a deep rooted interest in Biochemistry and Biomedical sciences. The three subject tutors, Dr McGouran, Dr McHugh and Professor Furger are all very experienced teachers and researchers who ensure you get tuition of the highest academic quality, and at the same time take the pastoral side of their role very seriously.

Tutorial teaching in College is generally done in our Biochemistry teaching room in a relaxed but highly focused atmosphere. The tutorials are organised by the tutors and complement the lectures organised by and held at the Department of Biochemistry. The College provides full tuition in all aspects of the course and, as far as possible, tailors the tuition to suit the needs and interests of the students.

On a typical week students have one tutorial on a specific subject. The students research the topic during the week and hand an essay in to the tutors before the tutorial. In the tutorial the subject is then discussed and debated generally in groups of two to four students. The subjects that are outside the specialist area of the College tutors are taught by external tutors who are specialists in those fields.

To help with your studies, the College library has an up to date collection of the major Biochemistry textbooks and copies are made readily available to the students.