Biochemistry explores the fundamental biological and chemical processes that underpin all life. To study these processes, researchers use a wide range of methodologies including bioinformatics, structural, molecular, chemical, and mathematical modelling. The undergraduate course at Oxford will educate you in a broad range of major Biochemistry subjects ranging from Structural Biology to Genetics.

Biochemistry at Pembroke is headed by Professor André Furger. He leads a research group at the Department and his main research interest is in the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes.  In College, he heads a dedicated Biochemistry teaching team and together with Dr Ivan Campeotto, Dr Holger Krammer and Dr Kirsty McHugh ensures the delivery of top quality teaching and excellent pastoral care. Every year the Pembroke tutors admit four undergraduate Biochemistry students.  

A degree in Biochemistry offers a wide choice of careers. Many recent graduates from Pembroke have stayed in academic research and taken higher degrees or entered graduate medicine courses. Others have chosen to take up opportunities in pharmaceutical, financial, consultancy and health policy making organisations.