Arabic, Persian & Turkish

Pembroke College normally admits up to four undergraduates a year to read Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Islamic Studies.

Pembroke has built up a tradition of Middle Eastern Studies at both undergraduate and graduate levels and aims to provide a congenial environment for the study of the area, with numbers in the field large enough to encourage a sense of community. Unlike most other undergraduate colleges, Pembroke is home to a relatively high number of senior academics in the field, namely two Tutorial Fellows in Arabic and Islamic Studies and one Senior Research Fellow working on the contemporary Arabic world.

Pembroke College Library currently has the largest collection of books relating to Arabic, Persian,Turkish and the Middle East in any undergraduate college in Oxford, and special travel funds are available for those reading these languages. Over the past years, Pembroke undergraduates have had access to a range of attractive internship opportunities in the Middle East. In addition, all students at Pembroke have access to the facilities at the Oriental Institute in Pusey Lane, with its lending library and language laboratory, and to the St. Antony's Middle East Centre, which also has a lending library. Most undergraduate lectures and classes are, in fact, held at the Oriental Institute.

Admission to read Arabic, Persian or Turkish as an undergraduate at Pembroke is through the regular procedures.  Please visit the Oriental Studies pages on University of Oxford website for further information on how to apply.