Undergraduate Student Stories

IMOGEN HOBBY (Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 2015)

Currently in her second year at Pembroke, Imogen Hobby reflects on her recent exam success and her experience of studying here so far.


In my PPE Prelims (first year exams) I got 67 in Economics, 68 in Philosophy and 69 in Politics... just enough for a distinction!


The variety is my favourite thing about PPE, I can spend the morning in a lecture on mathematical models of labour markets and the afternoon in a tutorial pondering the possibility that I'm dreaming at this moment.

My tutors know their stuff and they've been really helpful in making me think hard about what I've read and developing my thinking.


Pembroke was my first choice College. It's a vibrant community so there’s plenty to do outside your work and during exams the balanced ethos keeps morale high. Our active JCR means that welfare support is strong and there's a great sense of pride in our College.

My tutors definitely encouraged us to cooperate, which allowed us to benefit from each other's ideas and particular strengths; College are also good at providing study space so we can find places to come together. Collections (College exams) are also well organised at Pembroke so by the time we got to the exam we knew exactly what to expect and how to tackle it.

I was lucky to have a great set of course mates in College so we worked together on lots of things to make sure we looked at each topic from a variety of angles. I'd say that was useful in terms of getting the breadth of understanding you need alongside the depth.


My advice for new students wanting to excel at Pembroke is to try to fine tune the balance between your extra-curricular activities and your course early on in your time here. Having time for both is essential for your sanity and your success.

I also think it was important for me not to lock myself away or get too stressed during revision so I think having some other stuff going on in Trinity alongside your work is definitely a good idea.

Also, make the most of all the resources available to you, particularly your tutors, your peers and older students on your course.

I find that the best way to balance my different commitments is to map out my week and work out when I can fit all my work in, then adjust accordingly if I need to skip that night out or miss this week's netball match. Generally it hasn't been a problem for me and I've been able to fit in everything I wanted to do.

To current students, my advice would be, keep studying and enjoying everything that Pembroke has to offer!


It's been hard work but I've learned a lot in a year, both in an academic and a wider sense. It's the people that make Pembroke so the prevailing memories are of great tutors and fun friends. It's been a whirlwind year and I couldn't wait to get back in October!


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