Undergraduate Student Stories

DOM SAAD (Medicine, 2014)

Dom is now in his third year at Pembroke. Here he reflects on his recent exam success and his experience of studying at Pembroke so far.


My course is Medicine, and in second year my overall grade was a distinction. One of my modules was Neuroscience, and I’ll be carrying this on into third year.

I’d put my grade down to a few things; one is enjoying the subject and so not being averse to sinking some time into work during the year, and particularly revision in the run up to exams. Another is the amazing tutors and fellow medics at Pembroke that have supported me so well throughout the year.


Medicine is great because it’s a really hands-on course - there are loads of labs and dissection room sessions that mean that you’re always doing something practical.

We learn a lot about medical research - so much of which is done here in Oxford, which makes it very interesting and you really are learning the most cutting-edge knowledge that exists within the medical field.

I think Pembroke has helped hugely in my course. The tutors at Pembroke have been great, especially my main subject tutor. Tutors always make time for any concerns that the medics have, and have been supportive in many ways.


I chose Pembroke as my first choice College. I applied here because it was such a friendly College on the open day - something I’ve found to be true since starting here - and the combination of the old and new parts of College is beautiful.

One of the best things about Pembroke is the amazing attitude and welcoming nature of the JCR. I feel so at home at Pembroke and I think that’s a really important part of my university experience. I think it’s important to balance social and academic interests in Pembroke— I guess one way of doing that is trying to set aside time for each and stay organised!


To new students starting at Pembroke, I’d say try to throw yourself into your course and your College life as much as you can - the more you put in the more you get out.


My course is long, so my plans are just to survive medical school. After that, the future is a bit of a mystery. My Pembroke experience has felt like a dream sometimes, and I still can’t quite believe I’m able to be here. I feel so at home here in College.


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