Friends of PCBC

The Friends of PCBC (a.k.a. FoPCBC or The Friends) is the alumni society for former members of Pembroke College Boat Club. It has three principal aims:

1) Maintaining Social Connections

The Friends aim to have social events each year, either in London or Oxford. These vary year by year but recently have included drinks at the prestigious London Rowing Club bar, dinners in college, and drinks at Henley Royal Regatta.

2) Keeping Up-to-Date

The Friends distribute a newsletter twice a year with updates on the club’s performances in Torpids and Summer VIIIs as well as providing daily results during these races.

You can catch up with some of our previous newsletters.

3) Supporting the Club

The Friends of PCBC support Pembroke College Boat Club in a number of ways: financially but also with advice and guidance to the boat club committee. The Friends of PCBC committee meet with the PCBC committee and college authorities on a regular basis, which helps provide continuity and financial oversight to the club.

How & When to Join FoPCBC

FoPCBC financial support means that current students do not need to pay subscriptions to be an active member of the club. Therefore, as PCBC members leave college they are encouraged to join FoPCBC.

Old members can join at any time.

The money raised helps support PCBC, not only by preempting fees for current PCBC members but also by helping the club purchase new equipment, hire top-quality coaching and defray incidental costs. Along with college, a Friends of PCBC committee oversees the use of FoPCBC assets and ensures good financial governance. You can be confident your donations are put to good use.

Getting Involved with Friends of PCBC

To join the mailing list, contact the current PCBC Development Officer. The Friends of PCBC is free to join but annual donations are appreciated.

A recommended donation for new leavers is between £2 and £5 a month; members give whatever they feel is appropriate as they progress through their careers. One-time or recurring donations can be set up here for UK residents and here for US residents. Please ensure the gift is allocated to the “Boat Club.”

FoPCBC members get news updates twice a year as well as invitations to social events.

And if your racing days aren’t behind you yet, consider joining or proposing a crew with Sub Rosa Boat Club, a racing club for PCBC alumni.