Pembroke Discussion and Debating Groups


'How far is a nation's success defined by its borders?'

'Is it no longer useful to talk of "class" in Britain?'

  • Pembroke's Parlour Group, meeting once a week, gives Pembroke students the opportunity to be part of a lively discussion about current events, academic questions and the big issues.

  • We don't aim to find an answer, but to promote healthy discussion and discourse about the world's most important topics.

  • More information can be found on the Facebook page and examples of topics can be found on the Trinity 2016 Term Card

  • Supported by Dr Nicholas Cole and Dr Craig Holmes, students of any discipline are welcome to come along. The sessions are particularly useful for social science and humanities students.



  • Peminists is Pembroke's weekly feminist discussion group, open to all members of the JCR and MCR, regardless of gender.

  • The group was founded out of a commitment to the importance of feminism, to opening up discussions and to promoting gender equality, both within Pembroke and in our wider society.

  • Students may participate in discussions or simply come along and observe. Meetings are chaired by various students and cover a wide range of topics, with members invited to make suggestions throughout the year.

  • Examples of the topics covered can be seen on the below termcard.

For more information, contact the JCR Gender Equality at