Professor Guy Kahane receives ‘Professor of Moral Philosophy’ title at Recognition of Distinction Awards

6th November 2019

Congratulations to Pembroke Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy Professor Guy Kahane, who recently received the title ‘Professor of Moral Philosophy’ as part of the University’s 2019 Recognition of Distinction Awards.

Professor Kahane, who has been a Fellow at Pembroke since 2014, mainly concentrates his research in the areas of applied ethics, meta-ethics, value theory, and the evolution, psychology and neuroscience of morality. His research in the latter recently received the Wegner Award for Theoretical Innovation in Social Psychology.

Recipients of Recognition of Distinction awards must demonstrate that their research holds significant influence within their field of study, and must also maintain a record of effective teaching for the University. Professor Kahane demonstrated this through achievements such as creating and managing a new Masters course in Practical Ethics, and contributing significantly to the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics as Director of Studies.

In discussing his achievement, Professor Kahane stated that he was “delighted” to have received this recognition from the University.

Professor Guy Kahane
Professor Guy Kahane