Professor Gregg Huff Publishes ‘World War II Singapore: The Chōsabu Reports on Syonan’

12th February 2018

Pembroke Senior Research Fellow in History Professor Gregg Huff has published ‘World War II Singapore: The Chōsabu Reports on Syonan’ (Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, 2018) with co-author Professor Shinobu Majima, Professor of world economic history at Gakushuin University, Tokyo. 

Between 1942 and 1945 the Japanese occupied Singapore, renaming it Syonan and created the Chōsabu, a research bureau to study occupied Singapore.  This publication translates the Chōsabu’s economic reports, which were notoriously difficult to read. The reports detailed prices, wages, currency, rationing, living standards, food production, and industrialization. They were utilised by military and civilian administrators, who drew on them to formulate social and economic policies. 

The reports are particularly significant as they are some of the few surviving records of Japanese wartime administration (the Japanese destroyed most of their records). Prof. Huff and Prof. Majima provide an editorial introduction examining the careers of the Chōsabu and the places they occupy in Japanese economic thought.

Prof. Huff studies the economic development and economic history in Southeast Asia from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. His main research and teaching interests centre on Southeast Asia and the economics of war, globalization, economic development, trade and development, financial development, urbanization, migration and famine. Find out more about his current research and publications here