Oxford Thinking reaches £2bn, boosted by Bridging Centuries

13th May 2015

For centuries, generous gifts of all sizes have helped keep Oxford at the forefront of international teaching and research, funded new scholarships, academic posts and programmes, and enabled the addtion of new infrastructure and buildings.

The Oxford Thinking fundraising campaign began in August 2004 in support of the central University and all the Oxford colleges. The first £ billion in gifts was reached in October 2010. Raising the second £ billion has been nearly two years faster, as Oxford has accelerated the pace of its fundraising to more than £200m a year. This is the highest rate in UK higher education, putting the University well on course to meet its £3 billion target.

All donors to Pembroke are, by definition, supporters of Oxford Thinking: more than 1,000 people together gave £17m to the College's Bridging Centuries campaign, which delivered a new complex of buildings, including an auditorium, seminar rooms, a cafe, flats for graduate students and 100 undergraduate bedrooms. The College's new facilities are already in full use by students and academics, with a whole range of lectures and special events being hosted.

Other transformational gifts to Oxford Thinking have included £75m from Sir Michael Morritz and Harriet Heyman to create a scholarship programme for Oxford University students from lower-income backgrounds, including those who come to Pembroke.

More information about Oxford Thinking can be found at and further coverage of the £2bn achievement is available from The Guardian online and The Oxford Times.