Global Religion in the Era of the Great War: £750k Grant for Professor Gregory Research

27th January 2016

Tutor and Damon Wells Fellow in History Prof. Adrian Gregory has been named as Principal Investigator - along with Professor Faisal Devji of St Anthony’s College - for a major Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Grant to study Global Religion in the Era of the Great War.

The grant of £750,000 is to cover a period of three years, starting 1st April 2016, intended in large part to cover the employment costs of two early career researchers, who will respectively work on the global history of Roman Catholicism and Islam in the period 1911-1920.

The AHRC funding will support work on these faiths as well as further work by Professor Gregory on global aspects of Anglicanism and Protestantism, whilst other members of the research network aim to work on Judaism. Work on the Orthodox and Eastern Christian churches will also be encouraged and supported.

The project will form part of the Globalizing and Localizing the Great War research network at the History Faculty, University of Oxford, an interdisciplinary group instigated by Professor Hew Strachan to support innovative work on the war and its legacy.

The first major transnational research project on religion during the war, this is an opportunity for original primary research and will break down boundaries between European and non-European history while encouraging interdisciplinary work on the history of religion in the Twentieth century.

The research project will produce articles, monographs, workshops and conferences, as well as inviting public engagement.