The North West Science Centre

Science is most commonly divided into three: Physics, Chemistry and Biology, but these divisions are not recognised by nature. In truth, there are many disciplines within science that cross between these three primary areas that are not so well known to students yet can be sources of important breakthroughs for society, and developments in Mathematics play a crucial role supporting scientific advances.

The North West Science Centre is a programme open to Year 12 students across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. It brings together university academics, industries and science institutions to deliver a cross-disciplinary programme including lectures, visits to laboratories and the opportunity to attend a summer school at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

The Centre’s aims include introducing students to new concepts across all scientific disciplines by following a year-long, academic programme and to encourage and equip them to make applications to leading universities.

We want to engage students in university-style learning in order to develop study skills such as note taking and wider reading. We hope that the programme will also develop the skills fundamental to Science such as research, investigation, analysis, and evaluation. These skills are vital not only for academic study across all disciplines but will stand students in good stead for the future as they are essential in the workplace.

Each year of the Centre will have a theme, and for the first year the theme will be “Imaging”. Whether it be in the microscope or the telescope, being able to visualise has been a key technique in science. Imaging plays a role across all scientific disciplines, and image processing techniques are an important area in Mathematics.

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