The London Centre for Languages and Cultures

The London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC) is based in West London. It was established jointly by Pembroke College and The Open University in 2013 to work with schools in the tri-borough of City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, and Hammersmith & Fulham to promote the study of languages. 

LCLC provides support and programmes for students interested in modern foreign languages, including: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as having a focus on applied linguistics. 

This Pembroke led initiative will update subject knowledge and improve teaching and learning practices for students by delivering:

  • sustainable, peer-to peer teacher online networks – augmenting subject knowledge and teaching practice, increasing numbers teaching and learning languages and reaching further London schools
  • an annual residential school in Oxford during Easter
  • subject enrichment programmes including cultural visits and additional lectures and seminars annually – to enthuse teachers, pupils, parents and the surrounding community
  • building wider support for modern languages and spreading the Subject Centre model

This will promote the benefits of studying languages at school and university, answering a growing need to reconsider the importance of languages in the life of the capital, spreading and embedding languages and linguistics across our target tri-boroughs and beyond.

Funding for LCLC has been awarded by The Exilarch Foundation and Dangoor Education.

For more informaiton about LCLC please see the OxNet website or contact Daniel McAteer.