GAB Project Progress Updates

March 2021: Groundworks and piling

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and localised flooding of the River Thames, the demolition phase of the project is now complete. Beard Construction are now moving onto preparing the ground for piling, which will see around 150 piles being installed to support the new buildings. These works are expected to be completed in May 2021.

November 2020: Demolition

The demolition of the existing underutilised communal building and the old music rooms by the riverside has commenced. The old communal building will be demolished first, followed by the old music rooms, which due to their location on site and the restricted access, will need to be completed by hand. This phase of the project is due to take around four months to complete.

Timelapse Video

Follow progress on the GAB Project here. The timelapse video below follows the progress of the Project through January to April 2021.

GAB time lapse January-April 2021