The GAB Project Details

The GAB Project involves the demolition of an under-utilised communal building (that previously housed the common room), and a smaller building by the river. Two new buildings are being built in their place creating:

  • 77 ensuite study bedrooms (including four fully accessible rooms)

  • ​10 shared kitchens and communal spaces

  • Four one-bed flats for couples

  • A large common room leading out onto the existing Fulbright Quad

  • A creative space for music practice or rehearsals

  • Secure bike storage

  • Ancillary facilities

  • A separate building on the riverfront with four one-bedroom flats for junior academics.


How will the new building be arranged?

The main building comprises of five floors laid out as follows:

Lower Ground Floor Plan:

The Lower Ground floor is comprised of the secure bike store, a large common room leading out onto the Fulbright Quad, a creative space for music practice or rehearsals and ancillary facilities.


First, Second and Third Floor Plans:

The accommodation is split over four floors and are accessed by two staircases and a lift. The first, second and third floors are identical in layout and each contain 22 ensuite study bedrooms which are grouped into three clusters, with each cluster having its own large kitchen and communal area:


Fourth Floor Plan:

The top floor contains one larger cluster of 11 bedrooms, a shared kitchen and communal area and four one-bedroom flats for couples:


Academic Flats:

The standalone riverside building comprises four flats for junior academics which will boast spectacular views over the River Thames and across Oxford. The building is four stories high with one flat per story as detailed in the floorplan below:



The new GAB graduate accommodation building is designed to be fully accessible and contains four accessible rooms – one on each floor. The kitchens associated with these rooms will also be equipped with low-level appliances and height adjustable work surfaces.  

The new building is serviced by a lift providing access to all floor as well as an accessible WC on the Lower Ground level.

The Project will also transform the landscape of the existing site, which is currently not accessible.



As part of the GAB Project, we are committed to improving the public realm and the security of the immediate area for the benefit of the local community as well as our student body. As such, the scheme includes a number of significant enhancements:

  • The opening up of the public realm and widening the footpath leading to Baltic Wharf to the east of the GAB site which is frequently congested with cyclists and pedestrians;

  • Improved lighting and security of public realm;

  • Improved passive surveillance from new occupied building;

  • Landscaping improvements to the front of the GAB site on the riverfront which was previously dominated by two large trees which obscured sight lines and had damaged the paving.

  • We are contributing £80k to the local council to facilitate the building of stepped access to the bridge across the river.



The Project is environmentally-sensitive and incorporates the following design features/sustainability measures:

  • Early stage work was conducted to optimise the design based on the site layout and to minimise the risk of overheating;

  • Construction materials and the building fabric has been carefully selected to reduce energy demand and the insulation of the building has been a priority;

  • An innovative waste water heat recovery system is being incorporated which uses the heat from the waste water going down the shower drains to pre-warm the cold water feeding the shower. This reduces the energy required for hot water by around 50%;

  • The installation of an exhaust air heat pump to promote further energy efficiency;

  • All building services will be energy efficient.

  • The heating system has been designed to allow new technology to be inserted as it becomes available and as we transition to a net zero carbon college.

  • All kitchen appliances will be energy efficient.