Vacation Grants


The Vacation Grant Fund was established for cirucmstances where a student may apply to stay in College accommodation during part of the University vacations.

First Round:

  • The first round of grants are for Government-supported Home/EU undergraduates living in College accommodation who are taking examinations outside of term-time.

  • Payments cover the period after the end of term until 10am on the day following an undergraduate's last examination.

  • Students in these circumstances sitting examinations out of term time do not need to formally apply for a grant, as accommodation fees are paid automatically via 'battels' (College bills). Students will therefore not be charged for the period covered by the grant.

Second Round:

  • In the second round, priority will be given to Government-supported Home/EU applicants in the following order:

  1. Those undertaking courses based in Oxford outside term-time, including research or fieldwork.

  2. Revision in Oxford for those who are in hardship

  3. Other reasons (to be stated and endorsed by the student's tutor


Application forms and further details are available from the Deputy Academic Registrar.