Extra-Curricular Awards & Prizes (Undergraduates)



For undergraduates & graduates

  • The Pembroke Annual Fund makes grants available every term for new or existing student initiatives.

  • Any group of Pembroke students representing the College may apply for an award up to £1,500 for their project or society.

  • Awards are allocated by a joint JCR-MCR Student Development Committee.

  • Previous Annual Fund grants include the Pembroke Film Masterclasses, Pembroke Innovative Ventures and Technologies Society, Pembroke Musical, the Fantasy Literature Lecture Series in Honour of JRR Tolkien, Pembroke Chapel Choir, and an MCR summer trip.

Find out more information here or by emailing eleanor.mottram@pmb.ox.ac.uk



For undergraduates and graduates

  • With support from the Annual Fund, the College has established a fund to assist with the expenditure incurred whilst taking part in performing arts (music, drama etc) at a high level.

  • Typically, students are participating at “University-level” or equivalent, or above.

  • Awards are made only to students who can demonstrate that the expense of taking part is causing them some financial difficulty.

  • Awards are made to compensate for the cost of equipment, subscriptions, accommodation, travel expenses, etc.

  • The minimum award is £100, and awards will not normally exceed £500.

For more information, email jane.richmond@pmb.ox.ac.uk



First year undergraduates

  • This award, worth £300, and is open to all 1st year undergraduates reading any subject (apart from the Organ Scholar).

  • The Award is made on the basis of a recital of up to 20 minutes, consisting of one or more pieces.

  • Any instrument, apart from the organ and including the voice, may be offered and candidates provide their own accompanist if necessary.

Information on how to apply for a 2017-18 scholarship. For more information, email alison.franklin@pmb.ox.ac.uk



Undergraduates - for excellence in academic & sporting activities

  • The Sir Roger Bannister Scholarship is an annual award worth up to £800

  • The scholarship is available to an undergraduate in any subject who, in the opinion of the Senior Tutor, has shown excellent all round performance in both academic and sporting activities.

  • The Scholarship will normally be awarded at the end of a student’s second year of study.

  • The same student may not be awarded both the Sir Roger Bannister Scholarship and the Bannister Medical Scholarship during his/her course of study.

For more information, email alison.franklin@pmb.ox.ac.uk


FITZ AWARDS FOR SPORTS (undergraduate & graduate)

Rodney Fitzgerald (1942), or Fitz, was a senior Lloyds insurance broker in the City of London and a sportsman all his life. Always fond of Pembroke and keen to encourage excellence in sport, he left a sizeable bequest to the College on his death in 2012 to provide funding for students to reward sporting achievement.

Blue / Half Blue

  • Students at Pembroke awarded a Blue or Half Blue by the University Blues Committee will receive  £150 for a Blue and £100 for a Half Blue.

College Colours

  • Each year the Captains of Pembroke's sports teams nominate typically two or three leading players of their choice from their teams, with a particular focus on those in their final year of study, to receive 'College Colours'. Recipents also receive £25.

Sportsperson of the Year

  • The Sportsperson of the Year award is presented annually. The recipient is selected in consultation with the JCR and MCR and will be awarded £250.

Fitz Awards

  • To be eligible for a Fitz Award, students should be taking part in a sport at a high level, typically be at University level or above.

  • Students must be able to demonstrate that the expense of taking part in their sport is significant, and particular account will be taken of cases of financial hardship.

  • Awards will be made to compensate for the cost of equipment, subscriptions, accommodation, travel expenses, etc.

  • The minimum award will be £100 and although there is no official maximum it is unlikely that awards will exceed £500.

For more information about any of the Fitz Awards for Sports, email jane.richmond@pmb.ox.ac.uk



For undergraduate students

  • The Pembroke College JCR Art Fund Collection is dedicated to supporting student artists, especially those in the early stages of their career.

  • In Hilary Term, submissions are invited for the George Jenkin Prize, where entrants are tasked with illustrating a poem as chosen by our judges, who are Pembroke fellows.

  • Prizes are £100, £50 and £25 for first, second and third place respectively.

Contact jcr.artfund@pmb.ox.ac.uk for more details.



For undergraduate students

  • During 'Arts Week' in Trinity Term each year, the JCR Art Fund Collection hosts an exhibition of student art work in the gallery.

  • This exhibition provides a platform for artists within the College who may or may not be studying art as their main subject.

  • The exhibition is judged by an external art expert and prizes are given to the best three works (£150, £100 and £75). 

Contact jcr.artfund@pmb.ox.ac.uk for more details.



For all students

  • The College offers a 50% reimbursement scheme for all fast track modern language pathway (formely OPAL) courses undertaken at the Oxford University Language Centre. 

  • Students are asked to complete the reimbursement form before undertaking the course. The reimbursement is payable on completion of the course at the end of Trinity Term. 

  • Please note this reimbursement system does not apply to the General and Academic language courses.

Contact academic.office@pmb.ox.ac.uk for more details.