Academic Awards & Prizes

Pembroke offers a number of academic awards and prizes. The below information is arranged alphabetically by subject. For further details, please contact

Please note details below are subject to change.



Collection Prizes

Students are eligible to receive a single collection prize of either £50 or £25 in any term.  £50 will be given to any student who performs consistently at 1st class level across all the collection papers that they sit (1st class in one paper or two papers, and at least two papers at 1st class level and none below 2:1 if sitting three or more).  £25 may be given at tutors’ discretion to students who narrowly miss these criteria, or who demonstrate sustained improvement in their collection performance.



Brian Wilson Scholarships

  • These scholarships, one in Chinese and one in Arabic, are worth £1,500 each per annum and are awarded to final year undergraduates on tutors’ recommendation.

  • The undergraduates must demonstrate outstanding performance in their course taken as a whole and have good standing within the College.

  • If there is no suitably qualified candidate in one of the two courses mentioned above, the scholarship for that course may be transferred to the other course.

  • These scholarships are advertised and awarded in Trinity Term.



Hedges Prize

  • The Hedges Prize was founded in memory of John Hedges of Westcliffe-on-Sea an, Engineering Science undergraduate of the College.

  • It is awarded on the Tutors’ recommendation to the Engineering Science undergraduate judged to have contributed most to the corporate life of the College.


The Paul Martins BP Prize

  • This scholarship will be awarded on the Tutors’ recommendation to an Engineering student achieving the best result in Part I Engineering Final



L. T. Levick Prizes

  • Two prizes are awarded in Michaelmas Term on tutors' recommendation

  • The prizes recognise good performance in Final Honour School examinations in Philosophy and Philology



Arthur Felix Broomfield Prize in History

  • The Arthur Felix Broomfield prize is for 2nd year undergraduates reading History (including joint schools)

  • The prize is to contribute towards travel to be taken outside the British Isles



1954 Alumni Book Group Grants

  • All students of Humanities and Social Science courses at Pembroke will be eligible for our Book Grant Scheme to help with the cost of buying essential texts.

  • While the College ensures a good stock of books for all subjects in our library, we realise that it is important for students to have their own copies of core texts.

  • From 2016, each student of qualifying courses will receive £100 in their first year, and another £100 in their final year, to help with the costs of essential textbooks.

  • These book grants will be available to students of: Arabic, Persian & Turkish, Chinese, Economics & Management, English & joint courses, History & joint courses, Japanese, Law, Modern Languages & joint courses, Music, Philosophy joint courses, PPE, Theology & joint courses

  • The 1954 Group of Pembroke Alumni are a generous group of donors who have for many years sought to improve the financial lot of Pembroke undergraduates and the student experience.




  • The TEPCO Prize of around a £100 cheque per annum is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation to the to undergraduate who achieved the most distinguished performance in First Public Examination.



Crystal Prize

  • The Crystal Prize, worth £150, is awarded for the best performance in Honour Moderations and is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Hilary Term.

Farthing Prize

  • The Farthing Prize, worth £100, is awarded for the best performance in Constitutional Law in Honour Moderations and is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Hilary Term.

Monk Prize

  • The Monk Prize, worth £100, is awarded for the best performance in Criminal Law in Honour Moderations and is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Hilary Term.



Cleoburey Prize

  • This prize is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in Michaelmas Term for the best First Class performance in Final Honours School examinations.



Bannister Medical Scholarship

  • The Bannister Medical Scholarship, worth approximately £500, is awarded on Tutors’ recommendation in recognition of the Mastership of Sir Roger Bannister

  • The scholarship is given to an undergraduate student who gave the most distinguished performance in Final Honours School examinations.


Blackett Memorial Scholarship

  • The Blackett Memorial Scholarship is worth approximatelly £500 and is awardedon Tutors’ recommendation to a student embarking on the first year of their clinical training.

  • Tutors consider the academic performance, character and general achievements of candidates throughout the academic career and in Final Honour School examinations.



Ayres-Evans Prize

  • This prize, worth around £250, was established  to commemorate Miss K.A. Ayres and is open to undergraduates reading Medicine or Physiological Sciences.

  • Candidates submit an essay of up to 3,000 words on a choice of topics decided by the Tutors in medicine. Essays are submitted under a pseudonym.

  • The Ayres-Evans Prize is advertised in Michaelmas Term and awarded in Hilary.



Currie Prize

  • The Currie Prize is worth approximately £300 and is awarded on tutors’ recommendation to the student giving the best performance in examinations.


Katie Prescott Scholarship

  • This scholarship, worth £300, is awarded on tutors’ recommendation to an undergraduate student in Modern Languages who achieves a Distinction in First Public Examination.


Christopher Pratt Prize (Spanish)

  • This Christopher Pratt Prize, worth approximately £200 per annum, is awarded on tutors’ recommendation to an undergraduate student reading Spanish who performs at the highest level.



Rokos Awards (for science research internships)

  • Pembroke’s undergraduates studying STEM subjects are eligible to apply for the Rokos Awards, intended to support students looking to enhance their studies and scientific knowledge. These awards meet the cost of students undertaking academic summer internships.

  • For more information about eligibility and how to apply click here.



Ronald Bartlett Prize

  • A £50 prize is awarded on tutors' recommendation on performance in First Public Examination at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.

  • It is preferred that the award is made to a medical student educated at a state school for the last four years of their secondary education who has both need and merit.

  • However, if there is no such suitable candidate then the prize could be awarded to a student in Engineering, Maths or Physical/Biological Sciences from a state school, with a preference for someone who has lived in the West of England for the previous four years.