Dean of Graduates Fund & Senior Studentships


The Dean of Graduates has at his disposal a small discretionary fund to which applications can be made to help defray the costs of attending conferences, making field trips, or other projects which are essential to a graduate's research. The fund will be open for applications and advertised on a termly basis.

Criteria for assessment of standard DoG fund applications:

  • Requests for funding should have clear aims and outcomes identified.

  • Applications must be supported by the applicant's University Supervisor.

  • There must be a demonstration of the need for funds, but a student’s personal financial circumstances will not form part of the decision-making process.  However, funding already awarded as part of other college-based prizes or opportunities may be taken into account when assessing applications and particularly, in determining the amount to be awarded.

Eligibility criteria for standard DoG fund applications:

  • Applicants must be enrolled, matriculated graduate students of Pembroke College and be in good academic standing. 

  • Funding can be requested for any research-related costs, such as conferences, equipment and travel for field trips, but should not include the cost of books, accommodation, living expenses, visas or vaccinations.

  • Applications from students in receipt of major scholarships will only be considered if the grant-awarding body has already been approached. 

Distribution of DoG funds:

  • The maximum amount which will be awarded will be £400 per year of fee liability (one-year for most Master’s courses, two years for MPhils and three years for most DPhils).  The funds can be awarded all in one go (e.g. a one-time maximum award of £1,200 to a DPhil student) or as part of several smaller claims over the duration of the course.

  • Clinical Medicine students will also be allowed to apply for additional funding for their elective paper, and the cap on the maximum amount awarded will be £500.

  • There is a pro-rated funding cap for part-time graduate students (i.e. £200 per year for students on part-time courses).

  • Any authorised grant will not be disbursed until the college office has been provided with documentary evidence of the proposed use. For financial reasons, once awards have been granted, there will be imposed deadlines for the submission of receipts.

Further details and application forms can be obtained from the Deputy Academic Registrar, Caroline Barnes.



  • The College has up to five Senior Studentships tenable each year available to existing graduate members of Pembroke College.

  • Senior Studentship holders receive an annual stipend above any other awards they may hold.

  • In addition, they will become members of the Senior Common Room and have certain dining rights.

For further details, contact the Deputy Academic Registrar, Caroline Barnes.