Graduate Scholarships & Prizes

Pembroke is pleased to offer the following graduate scholarships for 2021 entrants on admission. Please note details below are subject to change.

BAME Scholarship in the Humanities in partnership with Pembroke College

Pembroke College will partner with the Humanities Division to offer a fully funded place to a BAME student on a PGT programme in the Humanities

The Jose Gregorio Hernandez Award

Pembroke College will offer a fully funded scholarship for a student of Venezuelan nationality, with a preference for a DPhil in Biochemistry, Biology or Psychology. 

Oxford Farthing Scholarship for Law

Pembroke College will offer two full funded scholarships for the DPhil in Law. Preference will be given to those who wish to work with the Associate Professor in Law, Rebecca Williams. It is likely that the scholars will also have an opportunity to teach at the College level.

Julian Schild Scholarship in History 

Pembroke College will offer a full funded scholarship for the DPhil in History. Preference will be given to those who broadly share the research interests of Pembroke’s two History Fellows, namely African American History, the History of War and/or 20th century religious history.

The Coombs DPhil Scholarship in Politics and Economics.

Mr Graham Coombs matriculated to Pembroke in 1971 where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He has a very successful career leading companies in both the finance sector and in the property development sector. Mr Coombs has created the Coombs DPhil Scholarship in Politics and Economics which will offer 3 years of support to a DPhil studying Politics or Economics.