The Reverend Dr Andrew Teal

Chaplain, Fellow and Lecturer in Theology
01865 286276

Dr Andrew Teal is Chaplain, Fellow & Lecturer in Theology, Pembroke College Oxford. Formerly an Admissions Coordinator, Disability Officer, a harassment advisor & teacher of New Testament Greek across the University.

Teaching activities

  • Lectures on Early Church
  • Tutorials on From Nero to Constantine
  • Tutorials on the Christian Doctrine of Creation
  • Tutorials for Development of Doctrine to 451
  • Tutorials for God Christ and Salvation
  • Tutorials on Augustine
  • Core tutor for the Theology Faculty in New Testament Greek
  • See

Detailed Biography

The Revd Dr Andrew Teal is Chaplain and Fellow at Pembroke College and Lecturer in Theology and Religion within Oxford University. He is Warden of the Community of the Sisters of the Love of God, and a trustee of All Saints’ Sisters of the Poor, Helen and Douglas House Children’s Hospices, St John’s Home for Vulnerable people, and The Porch for homeless people, all in Oxford. He has published in the UK, Europe and in Russian, on Patristic and Modern Theology.

Alternative Contact Details



    Member Theology Faculty (Examiner)
    Member of Staff, Ripon College Cuddesdon
    Warden, Community of the Sisters of the Love of God
    Member North American Patristics Society
    Association Internationale d'Études Patristiques

    Recent Activities

    Participation (chairing sessions and giving papers) in International Patristics Conferences.


    Available for pastoral support, conversation, or to be a listening ear to all members of college, students and staff, absolutely regardless of religious affiliation.

    Relevant Links

    Twitter: @chaplainpemb

    Facebook: Arfx Teal

    External Engagement

    Warden of a women’s lay religious order (Sisters of the Love of God) in Oxford

    Trusteeships of the following Charities in the city of Oxford:

    • Chair of Trustees Oxford Carers Centre
    • Trustee: All Saints Sisters of the Poor
    • Trustee & Member: Helen & Douglas House Children’s Hospices
    • Trustee & Member: ‘The Porch’ provision for homeless people in the City
    • Trustee: St John’s Nursing Home for elderly and vulnerable people, Cowley

    College & university roles and committees

    College Function

    • Fellow, Chaplain, Lecturer in Theology & Theology & Philosophy

    Member of:

    • Member of Governing Body
    • Chapel & Benefices Committee
    • Student Welfare Committee
    • Domestic Committee

    Research interests

    Historical & Systematic Theology, History of Christianity, Study of Religions, Patristic and Modern Theology, Christology & Ecclesiology, Eastern Theology and interfaith dialogue.

    Theology and the arts.

    Theology & Frontier Spirituality, especially committed to furthering theological understanding in dialogue with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



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    2018 Council of Nicaea (325): Religious and Political Context, Documents, Commentaries. By Henryk Pietras, Teal, A




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    Joint author /Contributor

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    Indexing / Editing works

    2013  with Chris Long, edit-indexed Frances Young, God’s Presence. The Bampton Lectures given at the University of Oxford, 2011. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

    2012  with Chris Long, edited / indexed collected papers as Frances Young, Exegesis and Theology in Early Christianity Farnham:                                     Ashgate Variorum