Professor Owen Darbishire

Tutor in Management, Sue Cormack Fellow in Management, Rhodes Trust Associate Professor in Management Studies (Organisational Behaviour and Industrial Relations)
01865 276466

Teaching activities

  • Organisational Behaviour (E&M, MBA, EMBA, Executives)
  • Employment Relations (E&M)
  • Strategic Management (E&M)
  • Comparative Management (Graduates)
  • Negotiation: Strategy & Practice (MBA, EMBA, Executives)
  • Decision Making (Executives)

Detailed Biography


  • Rhodes Lecturer in Management Studies, Said Business School
  • Director, Management Acceleration Programme
  • International Industrial Relations Association
  • Labor and Employment Relations Association
  • International Editorial Board, ILR Review

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Other interests

  • Senior Member, OUABC (1997- )
  • Committee, OURFC (2012 - )
  • Trustee, Horlock Educational Trust (2008-)
  • Governor, Abingdon School, Oxfordshire (2000 - )

Research interests

  • Comparative industrial and employment relations (countries including Britain, United States, Germany, Australia and others)
  • Changes to employment patterns and work organisation
  • The response of corporations to such pressures as new technology, increased competition and the deregulation of markets
  • The influence of national systems of corporate governance and industrial relations
  • Negotiations and Decision Making


  • Alexander Colvin and Owen Darbishire 2013 forthcoming: “Convergence in Industrial Relations Institutions: The Emerging Anglo-American Model?” ILR Review (Industrial and Labor Relations Review)
  • Alexander Colvin and Owen Darbishire 2012: “International Employment Relations: The Impact of Varieties of Capitalism” in Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Management
  • Harry C. Katz and Owen Darbishire 2000: Converging Divergences: Worldwide Changes in Employment Systems Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press (A review symposium on this book appears in Industrial and Labor Relations Review, April 2001, pp.681-716; paperback version of the book issued in 2002.)
  • “Next Generation Networks: Technological Change, Employment and Skills” in The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society vol. 2, 2007, pp.49-55, ISSN 1832-3669
  • “The Transformation in the Production of Services: The Example of Telecommunications” in José Manuel Morán (ed.) New Technologies, New Uses and New Organisations, Telefónica Foundation
  • “Convergence of Labor Law in the Anglo-American Countries” forthcoming in Proceedings of LERA Conference 2008 (with Alexander Colvin)