Professor Christopher Melchert

Tutor in Arabic, Abdullah Saleh Fellow in Arabic, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies
01865 276447

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Tel: 01865 278211 (Oriental Institute)

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Fellow in Arabic

Deputy Dean of Degrees

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Islamic religion (3rd-year Arabic)

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    Recent Activities

    • 2014-15 academic year was spent at National Humanities Center, North Carolina, USA
    • ‘Muhammad Nasir al-Din al‑Albani and traditional hadith criticism’, presented to colloquium claiming tradition: modern rereadings of the classical Islamic heritage, Pembroke College, Oxford, September 2013.
    • ‘The Formation of Sunni and Shii Tradition­al­ism in Baghdad’, presented to conference on Baghdad—space of knowledge, Berlin, August 2013.
    • 'Apocalypticism in the Hadith Literature', presented to 'Visions of the End' Workshop, Oxford, March 2013.
    • 'The Spread of Hanafism to Khurasan and Transoxania', presented to conference on Eastern Iran and Transoxiana, 750-1150, St Andrews, March 2013.
    • 'Regional schools of law and piety', presented to the Postgraduate Seminar in Islamic Studies, School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham, October 2012.
    • 'The transmission of hadith: changes in the ninth and tenth centuries C.E.', presented to the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants, Basel, September 2012.
    • 'The early Hanafiyah and Kufa', presented to School of Abbasid Studies, Exeter, July 2012.
    • 'Locating Hell in early renunciant literature', presented to conference on locating Hell in Islamic traditions, Utrecht, April 2012.
    • 'The life and works of al Nasa’i'', presented to conference in memory of Gautier H. A. Juynboll (1935-2010), Leiden, December 2011.
    • 'Ibn al Mubarak's Kitab al-Jihad and early renunciant literature', presented to conference on legitimate and illegitimate violence at the University of Exeter, September 2011.
    • 'The Interpretation of Three Qur'anic Terms of Special Interest to Early Renunciants', presented to the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, February 2011.


    Guest Lectures

    • ‘Māwardī’s Legal Thinking’, presented to New Approaches to World Islamic and Middle East Studies Conference, McGill University, Institute of Islamic Studies, Montreal, May 2014. 
    • 'Wahhabism and Islamic law', lecture at Agha Khan University, Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, London, February 2012.
    • 'Agreeing to Disagree (or Not): The Shaping of Islam in the Early Middle Ages', the Branigin Lecture, Institute for Advanced Study, Indiana University, February 2011.


    • I love teaching here. Nowhere in the United States could I normally meet students in such small groups. Nowhere in the United States could I read Arabic texts with undergraduates, either.


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