Mr Naci Mehmet

Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy

Teaching activities

Philosophy of Mind and Action, Philosophy of Logic and Language, The Later Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Knowledge and Reality, History of Philosophy and Ethics all for Finals. Logic, General Philosophy and Mill's Utilitarianism all for Mods and Prelims.

Detailed Biography

Recent Activities

I am currently writing on memory as part of a more substantial piece of work on personal identity, if I remember rightly!

I ask the following question: does autobiographical memory - memories that can be stated using the words, "I remember that I ... " - presuppose or entail any perspective from which that memory is viewed? For instance, when I remember episodes from my childhood do I remember it as a child, with a child's perspective and attitudes, as I was when I first remembered it, or as an adult with an adult's perspective and attitudes now recalling, now interpreting, that past? I examine and assess the various answers to this puzzling question.


"Ayers on Substances", Facta Philosophica, Vol.4 No.1. See also the reply to this article from Professor Ayers entitled, "Mehmet on Substances", in the same journal edition.


Faculty Member, Philosophy Faculty, Oxford University -