Dr Ushashi Dasgupta

The Jon and Julia Aisbitt Fellow and Tutor in English

I am the Jonathan and Julia Aisbitt Fellow at Pembroke and an Associate Professor at the English Faculty.

Teaching activities

At Pembroke, I teach Prelims Papers 1B (Approaches to Literature), 3 (Literature in English, 1830-1910), and 4 (Literature in English, 1910-Present Day). I also teach FHS Paper 5 (Literature in English, 1760-1830) and supervise dissertations related to my areas of interest. At the Faculty, I offer an MSt course on the literature of the city in the long nineteenth century. I also give lectures on a broad range of topics: on literature and space, detective fiction, nineteenth-century world literature, and Austen.

Research interests

My research centres around nineteenth-century fiction. I am interested in the relationship between literature, space and architecture -- in particular, the ways in which fiction articulates urban and domestic experience. I also work on theories of authorship, the development of the novel, and the global histories of reading. My first book, The Lodger World: Charles Dickens and the Properties of Fiction, is forthcoming with OUP. It explores the significance of tenancy in the literary imagination: drawing on Dickens's novels and journalism, it reveals how rented spaces (such as lodgings and boarding-houses) might complicate our understanding of the cosy Victorian home. My new project asks what it means to feel at home in a book; it is about the practice of re-reading, from the nineteenth century to the present.