Dr Nicholas Cole

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Nicholas Cole studies the political thought of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the history of democratic institutions. 

His particular interests are the influence of classical political thought on America's first politicians, and the search for a new 'science of politics' in post-Independence America. 

He runs the Quill Project on Negotiated Texts, based at Pembroke College, which studies the creation of constitutions, treaties, and legislation.   The Quill software platform (developed with colleagues at the Oxford e-Research Centre) presents a recreation of the original context within which decisions about these texts were made.  The flagship work of the project is a presentation of the records of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that wrote the Constitution of the United States and a variety of other projects are planned or in progress.  See www.quillproject.net for further details.

Dr Cole teaches American History and the history of political thought and supervises graduates working on the history of institutions, political thought and classical reception.  He runs the TORCH (Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) network on Negotiated Texts (http://torch.ox.ac.uk/negotiations).