Dr Guy Newbury

Stipendiary Lecturer in Music
01865 276125

Teaching activities

BA (Music) course (click here for details)

Preliminary Examinations:

  • Analysis
  • Composition
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Solo Performance
  • Techniques of Composition

Final Honours School

  • Analysis
  • Composition
  • Solo Performance
  • Techniques of Composition I
  • Techniques of Composition II

Detailed Biography

    Compositions: selected list of recent works:


    Adria (text: Newbury) (2008) for soprano and piano;

    'The Moon Song' (de la Mare) (2009) for voice and piano;

    The Mountainside of Dreams (Stevenson) (2010) for voice and piano;

    Maerchen (Anon/Young/de la Mare) (2013) for baritone voice and lute

    The Three Enemies (Rossetti) (2013) for unaccompanied choir SATB

    ‘Tears’ (Tennyson) (2014) for voice and piano

    ‘Straight Talk from Fox’ (Oliver) (2017) for voice and piano

    ‘Italia, io ti saluto’ (Rossetti) (2018) for unaccompanied voice

    Chamber and instrumental:

    String Trio (2010);

    Preludes for piano (2011);

    Variations éphémères for piano (2012);

    Variation for Robert Saxton's 60th Birthday, for large ensemble (2013)

    Sonata for oboe and piano (2015)

    ‘Fled is that Music’ for bass viol (or cello) and piano (2015)

    Sonata for flute and piano (2016)

    Sonata for clarinet and piano (2017)

    Sonata for violin and piano (2018)

    ‘Tonadilla’ for unaccompanied viola (2018)


    Pianist, supporting instrumental, vocal and chamber performance in rehearsals, classes, recitals and examinations associated with the BA and MSt Music courses, reaching 80th performance in Final Honour School Solo Performance in 2018. Regular pianist for the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra Residency Programme and Young Artist’s Platform. Interest in lieder, mélodies, Spanish song, 19th-and 20th-century instrumental music and contemporary music

    Recent Activities

    Recent premières of works:

    Adria, première, Danae Eleni and GN, Edinburgh 2008

    'The Moon Song', première, Danae Eleni and GN, Edinburgh 2009

    The Mountainside of Dreams, première, Danae Eleni and GN, Oxford 2010

    Maerchen, première, Ashley Francis-Roy (bar.) and Richard MacKenzie (lute), Oxford 2013

    Variation for Robert Saxton’s 60th Birthday, Ensmble ISIS, Oxford 2013

    ‘Tears’, Danae Eleni and GN, Edinburgh 2014

    Sonata for flute and piano, Jaymee Coonjobeeharry and GN, Oxford 2016

    ‘Straight Talk from Fox’, Danae Eleni and GN, Oxford 2017

    ‘Italia, io ti saluto’, Danae Eleni, Edinburgh 2018

    Sonata for clarinet and piano, Camellia Johnson and GN, Oxford 2018

    Other recent performances of work:

    St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 2007-13: recitals with Danae Eleni, soprano, including premieres of Adria and 'The Moon Song'; performances of  'Orpheus' (2002) and Sanctuaries (2007);

    Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 2008/10:recitals with Danae Eleni including première of The Mountainside of Dreams

    Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford: Oxford Philomusica Young Artists' Platforms: with Andrew Tyler (flute) (2012) and Mary Tyler (clarinet) (2013)

    Variation for Robert Saxton's 60th Birthday, as part of event including works by Robert Saxton and other Oxford composers, 11 November 2013

    The Mountainside of Dreams, excerpts, Danae Eleni, Pembroke College, 19 November 2013

    'The Moon Song', Joe Bolger (counter-tenor), Pembroke College, 3 December 2013

    Prelude no 2: ‘Vénise-décembre’ (2009), GN, piano, Pembroke College, 15 January 2019

    Selected other performances as pianist, and related items:

    Convener of Pembroke College Lunchtime Recitals, Pichette Auditorium, Pembroke College Oxford, 2013 – present

    St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh, August recital series: yearly programmes from 2007

    Harrison Birtwistle/London Sinfonietta/Ensemble Isis at the Holywell Music Room: performed Harrison Birtwistle’s ‘Lied’ for cello and piano (with Duncan Strachan, cello) 29 October 2007

    Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford: Oxford Philomusica Young Artists' Platforms: with Andrew Tyler (flute) (2012) and Mary Tyler (clarinet) (2013); Oxford Philharmonic YPO with Myrddin Rees Davies (horn) (2016) and Claire Edmiston (flute) (2018)

    St Anne’s College Inaugural Composition Competition, with Danae Eleni (soprano), May 2014

    ‘HarryFest I’: performed première of Robert Saxton’s ‘Birthday Music for Martyn Harry’, Holywell Music Room, 30 November 2014

    ‘Bringing Proust’s Imaginary Music to Life’: readings by Matthew Cheung Salisbury and music by Alice Buhaenko, Adam Turner and César Franck, with Victoria Gill (violin) and GN, Holywell Music Room Oxford, 5 May 2017

    Chester Biscardi: In Time’s Unfolding: a concert of music for piano, voice and ensemble, with Danae Eleni, John Lee and others, Wadham College, 1 June 2017

    Recent masterclasses, as a pianist:

    Oxford Opera vocal masterclass: Claire Booth, with Emily Shercliff (soprano) (2011)

    Oxford Philomusica Masterclass by members of the Berlin Philharmonic, with Matthew Lynch (flute) (2011); Oxford Philomusica Masterclass by Maxim Vengerov with Henry Chandler, Naomi Watson and Cara Laskaris (violin) (2013);

    Oxford Lieder Festival masterclass by Robin Bowman, with Hermione Thompson (soprano) (2013)

    Humanitas Events vocal masterclass: Renée Fleming, with Johanna Harrison (2013)

    Oxford Philomusica Masterclasses: Maxim Vengerov, with Henry Chandler, Naomi Watson and Cara Laskaris (violins) (2013);

    Shlomo Mintz, violin masterclass, with Makoto Nakata (2014)

    Sarah Connolly, vocal masterclass (Oriel College), with Johanna Harrison (2016)

    Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra Residency Programme Masterclasses:

    Vadim Repin, violin masterclass, with Natasha Sachsenmeier and Kristine Balanas (2016);

    Matts Lidström, cello masterclass (2016);

    Alison Balsom, trumpet masterclass with Alexander Toal, Michael Dunne and Erika Curbelow (2017);

    Steven Isserlis, cello masterclass with Sophie Cheng (2018)

    Emmanuel Pahud, flute masterclass with Hannah Gillingham (2018);

    Maxim Vengerov, violin masterclass with Hannah Roper and Leo Appel (2018);

    Vadim Repin, with Inês Delgado and Elizabeth Nurse (2018);

    David Stout, voice masterclass with Jacob Clark and Lucas Tse (2018);

    Lawrence Power, viola masterclass with Rachel Maxey (2019);

    Yuri Zhislin, violin masterclass with Elizabeth Nurse (2019);

    Katy Woolley, horn masterclass with Benjamin Hartnell-Booth and Myrddin Rees-Davies (2019)  


    The Slavonic and East European Review (School of Slavonic and East European Studies), University of London: vol 94, no 3, July 2016: The Life and Works of Andrzej Panufnik (1914–1991) by Bolesławska, Beata, Richard J. Reisner : book review;

    vol 95, no 2, April 2017: The Szymanowski Companion by Cadrin, Paul and Downes, Stephen (eds) : book review


    Lecturer in Music at Balliol College