Dr Emily Troscianko


I am a researcher, writer, and coach, as well as coordinator of Oxford’s first academic writing programme. With a background in cognitive literary studies and a DPhil investigating the strange psychological power of the “Kafkaesque”, my current research sits somewhere between cog lit and the health humanities, focusing on the connections between reading habits and mental health, especially eating disorders. I offer recovery coaching for people with eating disorders as well as academic coaching, and run a popular blog on eating disorders, called A Hunger Artist, for Psychology Today. Since 2018 I have created and run the Baillie Gifford Writing Partnerships Programme, which includes a partner matching service, writing bootcamps, consultations, and other resources to support humanities graduates and postdocs in their academic writing—an oddly under-supported skill in UK academia. The common thread in all this is a desire to understand what makes habit change possible, sustainable, and meaningful. 

If your interests overlap with any these activities, I’d love to hear from you. In particular if you’re considering graduate study on bibliotherapy or in some area of empirical literary studies, I’d be happy to talk about your ideas.