Dr Daron Burrows

Retained Lecturer in French

I am a Professor in Medieval French at the University of Oxford and Fellow in French at St Peter’s College. A graduate of Trinity College, Oxford, I worked at the University of Manchester for fifteen years before returning to Oxford in 2013. My tutorial teaching for Pembroke is focussed on medieval French literature, namely the Chastelaine de Vergy for Prelims, and for Finals Papers VI (medieval period), IX (prescribed texts), and XII (Anglo-Norman).

My research concentrates on the earlier medieval period, and covers text-types including comic narrative, satire, hagiography, and biblical translation. I have particular interests in text editing and manuscript studies, and also Anglo-Norman language and literature, as reflected by my service as Hon. Secretary to the Anglo-Norman Text Society.

For more details of my publications and research activities, please visit my personal page at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.