Alex Benn

Stipendiary Lecturer in Law

Alex studied law at the University of Oxford, receiving prizes including the Wronker Prize for best overall performance. 

Alex now teaches criminal law at the undergraduate level for both Pembroke College and University College.

His research interests are criminal law and discrimination law.


- ‘The Big Gap in Discrimination Law: Class and the Equality Act 2010’ (2020) 3(1) Oxford Human Rights Hub Journal 30, available at

- ‘The Maya Forstater Case and So-called “Gender Critical” Feminism: What Was Actually Decided and What Does It Reveal about UK Discrimination Law?’ (2020) Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, with C. Devlin

- ‘We Don’t Think John Finnis Should Teach at Oxford University. Here’s Why’ (2019) The Guardian, with D. Taylor

- ‘The UK Supreme Court and the Gay Marriage Cake: Is “Indissociability” Half-baked?’ (2019) Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog

- ‘R (Ngole) v Sheffield University’ (2018) 7(2) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 351 (note)

- ‘R (A and B) v Secretary of State for Health’ (2017) 6(3) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 631 (note)

- ‘Re JS (A Child)’ (2017) 6(2) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 413 (note)