Pembroke Fellows List

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The Governing Body consists of the Master, 32 Tutorial Fellows, 5 Statutory Professorial Fellows, 7 Fellows by Special Election, 3 Advisory Fellows, an Academic Director, a Bursar, a Home Bursar and a Strategic Development Director. In addition, the college has a Career Development Fellow, 9 Senior Research Fellows, 11 Junior Research Fellows, 15 Senior Associates and 2 Associates.

A date in the left-hand column indicates the year of election to the current position held.



The Chancellor of the University



2013    Brindley, Dame Lynne, DBE, BA R’dg, MA Oxf, MA UCL, FBA, FRSA


Professorial, Official and Advisory Fellows

2008    A’Hearn, Brian Joseph, BA American, MA Oxf, PhD Berkeley Tutor in Economics

2013    Baldwin, Andrew James, MA MSci PhD Camb Tutor in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and Frank Buckley Fellow in Chemistry

2018    Bennett, Jeremy John Leonard, MA Oxf Bursar

2008    Boning, Roger Charles, MA DLitt Oxf Fellow by Special Election

2003    Bonsaver, Guido, BA Verona, MA Oxf, PhD R’dg Professor of Italian Cultural History and Tutor in Italian

2015    Braithwaite, Nancy, BSc Open, MBA Cran, MA Oxf Academic Director (Senior Tutor, Tutor for Admissions and Dean of Visiting Students)

2011    Chen, Min, BSc Fudan, PhD Wales, FBCS Professor of Scientific Visualisation

2013    Claus, Peter Mark, BA Durh, MPhil Lond, PhD Open, Dipl Ruskin Access Fellow and Fellow by Special Election

1996    Darbishire, Owen Richard, Vicegerent, MS PhD Cornell, MA Oxf Tutor in Management Studies and Sue Cormack Fellow in Management

2001    Davis, Benjamin Guy, BA DPhil Oxf, FRS Professor of Chemistry and Tutor in Organic Chemistry

2003    Ezrachi, Ariel, BBus LLB Tel Aviv, MA MSt DPhil Oxf Tutor in Law and Slaughter and May Fellow in Competition Law

1990    Farrant, Timothy John, MA DPhil Oxf Reader in Nineteenth-century French Literature and Tutor in Modern Languages

2006    Flores, Linda Marie, BA Pennsylvania, MA Oxf, MA Washington in St Louis, PhD California Tutor in Japanese Studies and TEPCo Fellow

2011    Fredman, Sandra Debbe, Hon QC, BCL MA Oxf, BA Witwatersrand Rhodes Professor of the Laws of the British Commonwealth and the United States

1989    Fricker, Mark David, MA Oxf, PhD Stir Fellow by Special Election

2003    Furger, André Martin, BEd BSc PhD Bern, MA Oxf Tutor in Biochemistry and Tanaka Fellow in Biochemistry

2018    Gosling, Alice, BSc Illinois Strategic Development Director

2017    Gosztony, Stephen, BA Oxf Advisory Fellow

1997    Gregory, Adrian Mark, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf Tutor in Modern History and Damon Wells Fellow in Modern History

2015    Harrison, Henrietta, BA Camb, MA Harvard, DPhil Oxf Professor of Modern Chinese Studies and Tutor in Chinese

2017    Hawes, Nick, BSc PhD Birm, Tutor in Engineering Science

2001    Hauser, Raphael, MSc PhD Cornell, MA Oxf Reader in Computing Science and Tanaka Fellow in Numerical Mathematics

2014    Jones, Justin, BA MPhil PhD Camb, MA Oxf Tutor in the Study of Religion

2014    Kahane, Guy, BPhil DPhil Oxf, BA Tel Aviv Tutor in Philosophy

2016    Krishnan, Pramila, BStat MStat Indian Statistical Institute, PhD Florida, Professor of Development Economics and Tutor in Economics

2009    Kruger, Nicholas John, MA Oxf, PhD Camb Tutor in Biological Sciences

2015    Mani, Anandi, BComm Bombay, PhD Boston Tutor in Behavioural Science and Fellow by Special Election

2000    Melchert, Christopher, AB California, MA Oxf, AM Princeton, PhD Pennsylvania Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, and Abdullah Saleh Fellow in Arabic

2008    Molloy, Eamonn Mark, BA PhD Lanc, MA Oxf Tutor in Management

1989    Mugglestone, Lynda Clare, MA DPhil Oxf Professor of the History of English and Tutor in English Language and Literature

2018    Nanda, Vidit,, BS MS Georgia, PhD Rutgers Professor of Mathematics and Fellow by Special Election

2013    Naworynsky, Michael Peter, OBE, MA KCL, MA Oxf Home Bursar

2013    Orchard, Andrew Philip McDowell, MA Oxf, PhD Camb FBA Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon

2011    Posner, Ingmar, MEng Aston, DPhil Oxf Fellow by Special Election

2004    Rees, Jonathan Lloyd, MB BS MD Lond, MA Oxf, FRCS Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Science, and Fellow by Special Election

2018    Read, James Alexander, MPhysPhil MASt BPhil DPhil Oxf Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy

2015    Rössler, Damian, MSc Zurich, PhD habil Paris Tutor in Mathematics

2018    Salguero-Gomez, Robert, BSc Cadiz, MSc Kingston, PhD Penn Fellow and Tutor in Ecology

2010    Sinai, Nicolai, MA PhD FU Berlin Sheikh Zayed University Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Tutor in Islamic Studies and Fellow by Special Election

2008    Siviour, Clive Richard, MA MSc PhD Camb Dean, Tutor in Engineering Science and Richard and Ester Lee Fellow in Engineering

1996    Small, Helen Wenda, BA Wellington New Zealand, MA Oxf, PhD Camb Professor of English Literature and Tutor and Jonathan and Julia Aisbitt Fellow in English Literature

2011    Smithson, Hannah Elizabeth, MA PhD Camb, PGCE Durh Tutor in Psychology

1992    Taylor, Jeremy Simon Hudson, BSc Brist, MA Oxf, PhD Lond Tutor in Physiological Sciences and O’Brien Abraham Fellow

2008    Teal, The Revd Andrew Robert Francis Xavier, BA PhD Birm, MA PGC Oxf, PGCE Oxf Brookes Chaplain

2007    Tracey, Irene, MA DPhil Oxf Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetic Science

2003    Tuck, Stephen George Newsam, BA PhD Camb Professor of Modern History and Tutor in History

2002    van Lint, Theo Maarten, MA PhD Leiden, MA Oxf Calouste Gulbenkian Professor of Armenian Studies

2010    Wagstaff, Michael John, MA Oxf Advisory Fellow

2012    Weber, Alfons, MA Oxf, Dr rer nat Dipl Phys Aachen Tutor in Physics and Rokos–Clarendon Fellow in Physics

1993    Whitefield, Stephen Douglas, MA DPhil Oxf Professor of Comparative Russian and East European Politics and Societies, and Tutor and Rhodes Pelczynski Fellow in Politics

2005    Williams, Rebecca Anne, BCL MA Oxf, PhD Birm Tutor in Law and Blackstone–Heuston Fellow

2013    Woollings, Timothy James, BA Oxf, PhD R’dg Tutor in Physics


Senior Research Fellows

2013    Cole, Nicholas, BA MPhil DPhil Oxf Senior Research Fellow in History

2008    Dickman, Amelia Jane, BSc Liv, MSc Oxf, PhD Lond Kaplan Senior Research Fellow in Zoology

2015    Eccles, Kathryn, BA MPhil Birm, DPhil Oxf Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science

2010    Huff, Gregg, BSc Pennsylvania, MSc PhD LSE Senior Research Fellow in History

2016    Idler, Annette, BA Madrid MA KCL, DPhil Oxf, Senior Research Fellow in Changing Character of War Programme

2012    Johnson, Robert Andrew, BA Warw, PhD Exe Senior Research Fellow and Director, Changing Character of War Programme

2010    Kendall, Elisabeth Clara, MA DPhil Oxf Senior Research Fellow in Arabic

2014    Pasechnik, Dmitrii V, PhD Western Australia Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science

2015    Waddell, Scott, BSc Dund, PhD Lond Senior Research Fellow in Neuroscience


Career Development Fellows

2015    Rueda, Valeria, BA Paris IV, MA Paris School of Economics Career Development Fellow in Economics


Junior Research Fellows

2016    Dias, David, MSc Coimbra, PhD Camb Chemistry

2017   Foster, Christopher, BA, MA Harvard, Chinese

2017   Garcin, Thomas, BA Nanterre, BA Paris, MA Sciences Po, PhD Lyon Japanese

2018   Gunes, Omer, BEng Galatasaray, MSc NYU, DPhil Oxford, Computer Science

2016    Houlihan, Patrick, BA Pennsylvania, MA PhD Chicago History

2015    Jeutner, Valentin, BA Oxf, LLM Georgetown Law

2017    Kalayci, Suzan History

2017    Koelle, Michael, BSc Tuebingen, MPhil Oxf Economics

2018    Meki, Muhammad, BSc Warwick, MSc LSE, PGDip Camb, MSc DPhil Oxf Economics

2014    Theodorakis, Nikolaos, BLaws Athens, MPhil Camb, LLM UCL Law

2017    Zakarian, David, BA MA Thessaloniki, MSt DPhil Oxf Armenian


Senior Associates

Bailey, Roderick, MPhil Camb, MA PhD Edin Wellcome Trust Research Fellow in the History of Medicine

Gasper, Giles Edward Murray, MA DPhil Oxf Senior Lecturer, Durh

Golan, Amos, BA, MS Hebrew, PhD Berkeley Professor of Economics, American

James Relly, Susan, BEd Queensland, MSc DPhil Oxf Deputy Director of SKOPE

Khan, Samina, BSc KCL, PhD Lough, PGCE Oxf Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Light, Alison, BA Camb, MA PhD Sus Research Fellow, TORCH

McLeish, Thomas Charles Buckland, MA PhD Camb Professor of Physics, Durh

Marriott, John, BA Open, BSc Sur, PhD Camb History

Neale, Greg BA Birkbeck, MSt Oxf History

Ortiz Ospina, Esteban, BSc Los Andes, MPhil DPhil Oxf Research Associate in Economics

Savulescu, Julian, BMedSci BS MB PhD Monash, MA Oxf Director, Uehiro Centre of Practical Ethics

Scott, Leslie Smithsonian UK Charitable Trust

Thibault-Starzyk, Fredrik, MSc, PhD Caen, French/Chemistry

Vacheret, Antonin, DPhil Strasbourg Department of Physics

Vollrath, Fritz, PhD Freiburg, Dipl Göttingen Department of Zoology



Holmes, Craig, BA MPhil DPhil Oxf Economics

Lacerda, Bruno, BSc MSc PhD Lisbon Robotics


Emeritus Fellows

Butt, Vernon Spencer, BSc PhD Brist, MA Oxf

Church, John Edwin, MA Camb, MA Oxf, CDipAF, ACIB 

Cuff, Peter John, MA DPhil Oxf

Eekelaar, John Michael, LLB Lond, BCL MA Oxf, FBA

Godden, Malcolm Reginald, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, FBA

Goringe, Michael John, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf

Grant, Ian Philip, MA DPhil Oxf, FRS

Howard, Brian John, MA Camb, MA Oxf, PhD S’ton

Hyams, Paul Raphael, MA DPhil Oxf

Jones, Alan, MA Camb, MA Oxf

Kacelnik, Alejandro, Lic Buenos Aires, MA DPhil Oxf, FRS Professor of Behavioural Ecology, Tutor in Zoology and E P Abraham Fellow

Klein, Martha, BPhil MA DPhil Oxf, BA R’dg

Knowland, John Sebastian, MA DPhil Oxf

Leach, John Hugh Colin, MA Oxf

McMullen, Ian James, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf, FBA

Mayhew, Kenneth, MSc Lond, MA Oxf

Morris, The Revd Colin, MA Oxf, FBA, FRHistS

Pelczynski, Zbigniew Andrzej, OBE, MA MPhil DPhil Oxf, MA St And

Platt, The Revd John Emerson, MTh Hull, MA DPhil Oxf

Prentice, Daniel David, LLB Belf, MA Oxf, JD Chicago

Rogers, Brian James, BSc PhD Brist, MA Oxf

Rook, John Raymond, BSc PhD Manc, MA Oxf

Seton, Andrew, BPhil MA Oxf

Smith, Paul William, BSc PhD Lond, MA Oxf, MSc S’ton, AMIEE

Tuckett, Christopher Mark, MA Camb, MA Oxf, PhD Lanc

Ware, The Most Revd Metropolitan Kallistos Timothy of Diokleia, MA DPhil Oxf

Whitham, Gordon Harlow, MA Oxf, PhD Manc


Supernumerary Fellows

Bridson, Martin, MA Oxf, MS PhD Cornell, FRS Whitehead Professor of Pure Mathematics

Eastwood, David Stephen, MA DPhil Oxf, FRHistS

Foëx, Pierre, MA DPhil Oxf, DM Geneva

Gordon, Robert Samuel Clive, MA Oxf, PhD Camb

Keane, Andrew John, BSc MSc Lond, MA DSc Oxf, PhD Brun

Klipstein, Philip Charles, MA Oxf, PhD Camb

MacKinnon, Charles Fullerton, MA Oxf

Morgan, Charles Carroll, BSc NSW, MA Oxf, PhD Sydney

Rubin, Miri, MA Jerusalem, MA DPhil Oxf, PhD Camb

Sheppard, Colin James Richard, MA PhD Camb, MA DSc Oxf

Smart, Janet Helena, MA Oxf, PhD Durh Director, BT Centre for Major Programme Management, Saïd Business School

Thomson, Robert William, BA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, FBA

Woodhouse, John Robert, MA DLitt Oxf, PhD Wales, FBA


Honorary Fellows

Aisbitt, Jonathan Robert, MA Oxf

Bailhache, Sir Philip Martin, Kt, QC, MA Oxf

Blackburn, Simon Walter, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, FBA

Burnett, the Hon Sir Ian Duncan, Kt, MA Oxf

Cameron, Alastair, the Rt Hon Lord Abernethy, MA Oxf

Carswell, Robert Douglas, the Rt Hon Lord Carswell, PC, MA Oxf, JD Chicago, Hon DLitt Ulster

Collins, Hugh, BA BCL Oxf, LLM Harvard, FBA Vinerian Professor of English Law

Dorey, Alan Jackson, MA DPhil Hon DCL Oxf

Eddington, Sir Rod, Kt, BE MEngSci Western Australia, DPhil Oxf 

Forte, the Hon Sir Rocco John Vincent, Kt, MA Oxf

Grose, Peter Bolton, BA Yale, MA Oxf

Hart, Sir Graham, KCB, BA Oxf

Henderson, Giles Ian, CBE, BCL MA Oxf, BA Witwatersrand

Heseltine, Michael, the Rt Hon Lord Heseltine, CH, PC, MA Oxf

Isaacson, Walter Seff, BA Harvard, MA Oxf

Jordan, HM King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein of

Kantor, Maxim

Kerr, John Olav, Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, GCMG, BA Oxf

Krebs, John Richard, Lord Krebs, Kt, MA DPhil Oxf, FMedSci, FRS

Lader, the Hon Philip, MA Michigan, JD Harvard

Lugar, Richard Green, MA Oxf

Mann, Colin Nicholas Jocelyn, CBE, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf, FBA

Miller McCune, Sara, BA, DLitt Bath, DLitt CUNY

Moor, Sir Philip Drury, Kt, BA Oxf

Mummery, the Rt Hon Sir John Frank, Kt, PC, BCL MA Oxf

O'Regan, Tarik, BA Oxf, MPhil Camb

Phillips, Rodney Ernest, MB BS MD Melbourne, MA Oxf

Richard, Ivor Seward, the Rt Hon Lord Richard of Ammanford, PC, QC, MA Oxf

Ricketts, Sir Peter, GCMG, MA Oxf

Stevens, Robert Bocking, MA DCL Oxf, LLM Yale

Sultan, HRH Prince Bandar bin

Sykes, Sir Malcolm Keith, Kt, MB BChir MA Camb, MA Oxf

Talal, HRH Princess Basma Bint, DPhil Oxf

Tanaka, Kenji, BA LLM Keio

Taylor, Sir Martin, MA Oxf, PhD Lond, FRS

Wells, Damon, Hon CBE, BA Yale, MA Oxf, PhD Rice

Woudhuysen, Henry Ruxton, MA DPhil Oxf, FBA


Foundation Fellows

Cormack, Ian Donald, MA Oxf

Ho, Stanley, GBS, GBM, GLM, GML,OBE, Hon DSSc Macau

Lee, Christina

Lee, Irene, BA Smith College

Leung, Kai Hung Michael, BA Hong Kong

Mahfouz, Mahfouz bin, CBE, GCMLJ, FRSA

Pichette, Patrick, BAA Quebec, MA Oxf

Pichette, Tamar, MA Oxf, JD Toronto

Rokos, Christopher Charles, BA Oxf

Rowland, David

Schild, Julian, MA Oxf, ACA

Wagstaff, Michael John, MA Oxf


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