Works by Fellows

Pembroke's Fellows continue to produce monographs and articles in a range of subject areas. This is a small selection of their published monographs, with links to each Fellow's profile page where you can find out more about their research.

Works by Pembroke Alumni can be found here


Dr Gemma Allen, Retained Lecturer in History; PemBook: The Cooke Sisters: Education, Piety and Politics in Early Modern England 

Dr Ivan Arreguin-Toft, Associate in Politics; PemBook: How the weak win wars: a theory of asymmetric conflict

Dr Guido Bonsaver; PemBook: Destination Italy: representing migration in contemporary media and narrative

Dr Alessandro Carlucci; PemBook: Gramsci and languages : unification, diversity, hegemony

Dr Peter Claus; PemBook: History: an introduction to theory, method, and practice

Dr Nicholas Cole; PemBook: Thomas Jefferson, the classical world, and early America

Professor Owen Darbishire; PemBook: Converging divergences : worldwide changes in employment systems

Professor Ben Davis; PemBook: Carbohydrate chemistry

Professor Ariel Ezrachi; PemBook: EU Competition Law, An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases

Dr Tim Farrant; PemBook: An introduction to nineteenth-century French literature

Professor Sandra Fredman; PemBook: Human rights transformed : positive rights and positive duties

Professor Adrian Gregory; PemBook: The last Great War : British society and the First World War

Professor Henrietta Harrison; PemBook: The missionary's curse : and other tales from a Chinese Catholic village

Dr Gregg Huff; PemBook: The economic growth of Singapore: trade and development in the twentieth century

Dr Susan James; PemBook: Balancing the skills equation : key issues and challenges for policy and practice

Dr Valentin Jeutner; PemBook: The international game of justice

Dr Rob Johnson; PemBook: The Afghan way of war

Professor Justin Jones; PemBook: Shi'a Islam in colonial India : religion, community and sectarianism

Professor Guy Kahane; PemBook: Enhancing human capacities

Dr Elisabeth Kendall; PemBook: Twenty-first century Jihad : law, society and military action

Dr Peter King; Pembook: One hundred philosophers: a guide to the world's greatest thinkers

Professor Alison Light; PemBook: Common people: the history of an English family

Professor John Marriott; PemBook: The Ashgate research companion to modern imperial histories

Professor Christopher Melchert; PemBook: The formation of the Sunni schools of law, 9th-10th centuries C.E.

Professor Lynda Mugglestone; PemBook: Lost for words : the hidden history of the Oxford English dictionary

Professor Andy Orchard; PemBook: A critical companion to Beowulf

Dr Matthew Reza; PemBook: The good place: comparative perspectives on Utopia

Professor Julian Savulescu; PemBook: Medical ethics and law : the core curriculum

Professor Helen Small; PemBook: The long life

The Reverend Dr Andrew Teal; PemBook: The God-man : Athanasius in early Christianity

Professor Stephen Tuck; PemBook: We ain't what we ought to be: the black freedom struggle from emancipation to Obama

Professor Theo van Lint; PemBook: Armenia: Masterpieces from an Enduring Culture

Timothy Walker; PemBook: Plants: a very short introduction

Professor Rebecca Williams; PemBook: Unjust enrichment and public law