Undergraduate Hardship Funds for Christmas Vacation

The College is aware that the pandemic is causing significant financial hardship for some students. The need to remain unexpectedly in Oxford during the forthcoming vacation is just one example of difficult circumstances being faced.  To help with the financial pressures specific hardship funds are now available. 

Applications can be made by any student who will incur unbudgeted rent or living costs from staying in Oxford during the Christmas vacation which would leave them in financial need.  Those who live in College on term time contracts can claim for rent and food costs (maximum grants of 55% of rent cost, with a cap of £650 per person, plus £4.50 per day for food).  Those who are on 38 week/GAB contracts or who live out can claim for non-rent living costs (maximum grant of £175).

To apply simply complete the College’s Student Vacation Intentions form (regardless of your living in/out status) by 10pm on Thursday of 6th week, 19th November at the latest.  You will be contacted by a member of the College team to assess your financial situation.  This assessment will be used to decide your application and, if approved, the grant to be awarded.

Funding will be provided by the College’s Burt 1923 Trust, thanks to the generosity of an alumni legacy to the College.

If you have any questions about this please contact Kirstie Morris in the Academic Office.



I do not need to stay in Oxford during the vacation but am experiencing financial hardship with my existing costs as a result of the pandemic’s impact.  What can I do?

You may be eligible for support from the University’s Covid Hardship Fund or another source.  Contact Kirstie Morris for advice.

When will I find out if my application for a grant has been successful?

All funds will be allocated as promptly as possible.  We expect to advise everyone of the outcome at the end of 7th week, on Friday 27th November.

My vacation plans will depend on the outcome of my hardship funding application.  Can I change my mind about my accommodation information when I know the outcome?

Yes, but you must contact the Accommodation Manager to let her know your new arrangements.

I am estranged / a care-leaver and receive additional support because of that.  May I make a claim?

Yes, you can make an application using the same form above, and we will assess your claim and let you know the outcome.

I am unable to return home for the vacation because of a vulnerable family member but my hardship is very significant and only partial help with increased rent will not be enough.  I am really struggling and very worried.  What should I do?

Contact Kirstie Morris for advice.  The University and the College has other funds to support students in financial hardship.  We will do what we can to guide you to available funds to help you find a practical solution.  Please don’t suffer in silence.