Welfare & Wellbeing

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the College community together in Oxford at the start of Michaelmas Term. In the last six months, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on all of our lives. We wanted to acknowledge that we are sensitive to the uncertainty that you may be feeling as you prepare for the start of term.

Please be reassured that, as always, your welfare and wellbeing are so important to us. Our student committees and the wider College Welfare Team are committed to building and strengthening the supportive, nurturing community that we enjoy in College.

In the coming term, please do reach out for support should you need it. Oxford’s short academic terms can be intense and exhausting. And we appreciate that the coming term will have its own unique challenges, on top of those of academia.

The College and the wider University offer a range of welfare services to support you during your studies. No problem is too small or too big – we encourage you to reach out for support if you are finding things tough. Very often simply speaking with someone is enough to help you to feel clarity on an issue. At other times, you may find it helpful to get practical support or referral to other services within College or the University. Very often, by speaking with someone, you will realise there are solutions to the particular challenge you are facing. Please don’t struggle alone!

Full information and contact details for the welfare team are available at https://www.pmb.ox.ac.uk/welfare

Our Welfare and Wellbeing Co-Ordinator Dr Rebekah White has also put together some introduction to welfare videos for the JCR and MCR which you may find useful.