Student Responsibility Agreement and Handbook 2020

The University and Colleges have worked together to develop a common approach to the challenges we are all facing.

Within College changes have been made to the Student Handbook, Student Contract and the College Regulations (updated version below) and we will need you all to read and agree to these changes.

The Student Responsibility Agreement is a University-wide agreement which asks the whole student cohort to support the integration of all students into the Oxford community, to encourage safe behaviour, and to reassure them about what behaviour will be expected from them and those with whom they interact.  It recognises the part we all play in protecting each other in the coming term in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

We are encouraging you to show that your commitment to support community safety and well-being is affirmed through accepting all these agreements.

College Handbook 2020-21

Student Contract 2020

College Regulations (note: this is updated version for Trinity Term 2021)

Student Responsibility Agreement

The Student Contract and Student Responsibility Agreement should be read, signed and returned to by 21st Sepetmber 2020. 

All Pembroke students are expected to comply with the Responsibility Agreement and rules outlined above.