Living Out of College

Those who are living in non-College accommodation this year are still part of the Pembroke community, and we expect to see you around College.

There is information for you throughout the Pembroke Community 2020 web pages, but the following are some initial pointers:

  • Please remember to wear a face covering, respect social distancing and use hand sanitiser points when in College
  • Your accommodation household is formed with those you live and share bathroom/kitchen facilities with: if anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus they should book a test immediately and the whole household should isolate until a result is received (and for longer if that result is positive).  If this causes problems with attending teaching please contact your tutor or department, and let the College know via the Lodge so that we can support you and protect others in the community.
  • The College Library will be open 24/7 for personal study, and you can use the Click & Collect books facility
  • Farthings cafe will operate as a takeaway coffee shop in the day time, and provide takeaway meal options in the evenings
  • Due to the on-going impacts of Covid-19, we are unable to offer catering in Hall to students that live in private accommodation at this time. During these difficult times, we need to limit risk to protect our Pembroke community and this has impacted many aspects of College life – including our catering provision.
  • All College welfare support will be available to you so please do get in touch with the team if you need to talk to someone or to get specific advice

If you have any questions please get in touch with the relevant College department or your student body committee reps.