Accommodation and Households

In line with all Oxford Colleges, Pembroke will be allocating each resident student to a small group ‘household’ this year. This will allow you to be in close contact and socialise with members of your own household without the need for social distancing or face coverings. You will need to adhere to social distancing with members of other households and wear a face covering in public areas of College or when visiting another household.

Fresher undergraduates will "meet" their household virtually before arrival at the start of term, and in person on Fresher Arrival Day.  Returning undergraduates and graduate students will find out their specific household allocation on arrival in College.

College households help control the risk of infection

College accommodation has been divided into households

  • Households are indicated by signs on bedroom doors
  • Household members may share bathrooms (and will share kitchens if living at the GAB)

 College households look different to family households but the same rules apply:

  • Inside the household you will not need to socially distance, just as if you were at home.
  • You should practice social distancing from other households
  • Your household helps protect others by containing infection: if one of you gets sick, you all self-isolate

And remember…

  • Outside college, respect the local community: go out in pairs, not groups
  • If one of you has symptoms, you all self-isolate until the result is confirmed; if the test is positive, everyone self-isolates according to NHS guidance.  The College has robust systems in place to manage these situations when they arise, and you will be given full details as required.

Shared spaces will be cleaned by College Scouts this term.  The cleaning regime has been revised and enhanced to protect against the spread of coronoavirus.  If a household has to isolate, during that time scouts will not clean isolated areas, but cleaning supplies will be provided for individuals to use and residents will be asked to leave bagged rubbish outside their rooms for collection.  If you have any questions regarding cleaning, please contact