Religion and the Frontier Challenges

‘Religion and the Frontier Challenges’ is a postdoctoral research fellowship programme that was established in October 2019. The programme is a part of the University of Oxford, based at Pembroke College with an affiliation with the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

This is an ambitious academic fellowship programme, sitting at the intersection of Theology and other academic disciplines. It seeks to enrich discussion of how contemporary religious traditions and ideas might provide/are providing knowledge and leadership in facing the major challenges currently confronting humanity. The programme is informed by theological discourse surrounding the three major ‘frontier challenges’ of our time, and the need for religious traditions to provide creative intellectual and practical responses to these challenges.

The frontier challenges include:

  1. The challenges of human knowledge. This refers to the dialogue between religion and contemporary ideologies and epistemologies (e.g. secularism, liberalism, atheism), or to changes in the forms of access to or dissemination of knowledge (e.g. the impact of new communications, social media, or digital technologies).
  2. The challenges of the modern sciences. This includes new questions and opportunities raised by progress in technological, biological, environmental and human and social sciences.
  3. The challenges of the fight for justice, including struggles against all forms of inequality, discrimination and marginalisation in human societies.